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Sports and nutrition coaching

Sports and nutrition coaching
AZ Beauty&Wellness

A strong and healthy body is the ultimate goal!

With professional coaching from AZ Beauty&Wellness, you can achieve your sports goals and maintain a balanced diet for a healthy lifestyle.

Different treatments


Nutritional advice                                                                          Free

Nutrition plan                                                                         150.- chf

Sports advice                                                                                  Free

Sports plan                                                                               150.- chf

*This service can also be carried out online.

The price is for a monthly plan.

Ask us for information about our packages.

AZ Beauty&Wellness offers you comprehensive sports training and individual nutritional advice!

We would be happy to advise you individually, based on our many years of experience, to determine exactly the right dimensions for your needs!

We offer you a free initial consultation to get to know your case in detail and advise you on our methods.

We adapt to your needs, goals, lifestyle and, above all, your preferences.


Biel/Bienne (Salonkee)

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