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Facial treatments in
AZ Beauty&Wellness

A clean and radiant face is the greatest wish!

With individual facial treatments from AZ Beauty&Wellness you will get soft and smooth skin again.

Different treatments


Facial cleansing                                                                     120.- chf

Deep cleaning                                                                       160.- chf

Rejuvenating treatment                                                       150.- chf

Facial care for men                                                               120.- chf

Acne treatment                                                                    100.- chf

Fruit acid peeling                                                                 100.- chf

BB Glow                                                                                120.- chf

AZ Beauty&Wellness offers you a variety of treatments for radiant skin! From classic or deep cleansing of the face to acne treatment so that your skin can breathe again.

All of our treatments are individually tailored to your skin type and needs.

Let us advise you individually because, thanks to our many years of experience, we know exactly which treatment is best for you.


Biel/Bienne (Salonkee)

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