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The cosmetologist makes microinjections, takes care of the patient with a leather pen. Lip

Lip treatments

Lip treatments in
AZ Beauty&Wellness

A perfect and sensual smile is the goal of our Lip treatments

Let us take you on a lip care journey

AZ Beauty&Wellness.

Different treatments


Lip hydration                                                                         80.- chf

Lip augmentation                                                                 130.- chf

Lip contour                                                                          100.- chf

At AZ Beauty&Wellness we present a wide range of customized lip treatments ranging from intense hydration to lip augmentation. 
Discover the variety of our lip treatments, from moisturizing therapies to innovative approaches to lip augmentation.

We are available to provide you with individual advice in order to find the optimal solution for your personal needs.


Biel/Bienne (Salonkee)

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