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Massages in
AZ Beauty&Wellness

A relaxed and balanced body is the greatest wish!

That's why we offer a variety of massages. With the AZ Beauty&Wellness massages you will experience deep relaxation and well-being.

Different treatments


Relaxation massage 60min.                                                    100.- chf

Relaxation massage 90min.                                                     140.- chf

Back & neck massage                                                                70.- chf

Sports massage 60min.                                                            120.- chf

Sports massage 90min.                                                            150.- chf

Sports leg massage                                                                    70.- chf

Hot stone massage 75min.                                                       130.- chf

Hot stone massage 105min.                                                     170.- chf

Lymphatic drainage                                                                100.- chf

AZ Beauty&Wellness offers you a wide range of relaxing, sport and special massage techniques, including hot stone massage and moxibustion.

Let us advise you individually, because thanks to our years of experience we know exactly which massage treatment is best suited for you.

Treat yourself to a moment of peace and well-being for body and mind.


Biel/Bienne (Salonkee)

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