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Body treatments

Body treatments in
AZ Beauty&Wellness

 Whether you are looking for firming procedures, cellulite reduction, intensive moisturizing or the treatment of stretch marks - we have the right solution for your personal needs.

Different treatments


Anti-cellulite treatment                                                       120.- chf

Slimming treatment                                                             150.- chf

Firming treatment                                                                 90.- chf

Stretch mark treatment                                                       100.- chf

Back cleaning                                                                         90.- chf

Body peeling                                                                          60.- chf

Peeling and body wrap                                                        100.- chf

AZ Beauty&Wellness offers you a comprehensive selection of treatments to meet your individual care needs with  creating customized treatment plans tailored to your exact goals and desires, 

With innovative approaches to revitalize and care for your skin in the best possible way.

We are here to help you achieve your personal beauty goals and look forward to welcoming you!


Biel/Bienne (Salonkee)

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