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For the most sensitive areas:

Intimate Cosmetic Care

Our intimate cosmetic treatments are designed with a precise focus on the care and health of the skin in the most sensitive areas.

We offer advanced solutions for deep hydration, ingrown hair removal and blemish correction, guaranteeing effective results and visibly smoother and more even skin.


Trust our specialized services to make you feel comfortable and safe in every session and to ensure that we take comprehensive care of

your well-being and personal confidence.

Radiantly clear skin - even in the intimate area

Vajacial treatment is an innovative solution designed specifically for skin care in the intimate area. Combining advanced exfoliation techniques, deep cleansing, and ingrown hair treatment, vajacial has become a popular option for improving the

health and appearance of the skin in this delicate area.

During treatment, specialized products are applied to gently cleanse and exfoliate the skin, removing impurities and dead cells

that can clog pores and cause ingrown hairs. Deep cleansing helps prevent and treat problems like folliculitis, while soothing

and anti-inflammatory ingredients provide relief and reduce irritation.

In addition to exfoliation and cleansing, vajacial includes the application of hydrating and soothing masks that nourish the skin and improve its texture. These treatments help restore the skin's natural balance, leaving it soft, smooth and revitalized.

The benefits of vajacial are not only limited to aesthetics; It also promotes healthier and more comfortable skin, increasing confidence and personal well-being.

Experience the revitalizing benefits of vajacial and take a step towards more cared for and healthier intimate skin.

Contact us today to book your personalized consultation and discover how this treatment can enhance your intimate care routine.

Vulva and bikini area


140.- fr.

Lightening intimate areas
For brightened skin

Discover our innovative intimate area lightening treatment, designed to lighten and unify skin tone in sensitive areas.

This procedure uses safe and effective products to reduce hyperpigmentation and improve the appearance of the skin, creating a more even and radiant complexion.

The treatment begins with a thorough cleansing to prepare the skin, followed by the application of special depigmenting active ingredients that act gently to lighten dark spots. A soothing mask is then applied that hydrates and revitalizes the skin, reducing possible irritation.

This approach not only improves the aesthetic appearance of the intimate areas, but also provides a feeling of freshness and

self-confidence. Ideal for those who want to improve skin tone in sensitive areas, our lightening treatment offers a safe and effective solution for visible and long-lasting results.

Personalized treatment


100.- fr.

Who is it for

It is beneficial for those who suffer from problems such as ingrown hairs or folliculitis.

And to have a softer skin free of blemishes.


Both treatments offer significant benefits in terms of skin health, comfort and individual aesthetics and adapt to the specific needs of each individual.


Avoid sun exposure and sauna visits for 1 week. Use the recommended products, do not exfoliate or wax for the indicated time.

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