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Professional anti-cellulite treatments

Discover our professional anti-cellulite treatments, specially designed to reduce the appearance of cellulite and firm your skin.


Our advanced techniques promote blood circulation, lymph flow and the breakdown of fat cells, resulting in smoother, firmer skin. Let us advise you and enjoy visible results that will boost your self-confidence.


Experience how our tailor-made treatments can help you feel good in your skin again.

Anti-cellulite massage and wrap
Smooth skin through targeted care

Experience our comprehensive anti-cellulite treatment with wraps and massage, specially developed to actively combat cellulite and improve skin firmness.


To achieve optimal results, we recommend a series of sessions combined with advanced treatments such as mesotherapy or microneedling. A balanced diet and regular physical activity are also crucial to maximize the benefits of the treatment.


Immerse yourself in a revitalizing experience that will invigorate your body and help you achieve a firmer and more toned silhouette while enjoying visible improvements in your skin's appearance.

Cellulite and orange peel skin


100.- fr.

Lymphatic drainage and pressotherapy
For a smoother, firmer silhouette

Experience our treatment with lymphatic drainage and pressotherapy, specially developed to effectively reduce fluid retention and improve the appearance of the skin.


We use advanced techniques to stimulate the lymphatic system to reduce swelling caused by fluid retention. This therapy focuses particularly on cases where cellulite is associated with such swelling. Combined with pressotherapy, which improves blood flow and eliminates toxins through controlled pressure, we recommend a program of sessions for optimal results. In addition, an active lifestyle and a balanced diet are recommended to maximize the benefits of our treatment.


Immerse yourself in a rejuvenating experience that will help you achieve smoother, firmer and healthier skin.

Legs and ass holster


75.- fr.

Body mesotherapy

Experience our needle-free, anti-cellulite mesotherapy treatment, designed to deliver effective results without discomfort or pain.

We only use natural and vegan products, specifically selected for their properties to improve circulation and reduce cellulite. This advanced technique combines the precision of active ingredients with targeted application to dissolve fat deposits and tighten the skin.

In addition, we recommend supplementing the treatment plan with massages or lymphatic drainage to eliminate fat deposits even more effectively. To achieve the best possible results, we recommend a comprehensive session program, supported by an active lifestyle and a balanced diet.

Discover how our anti-cellulite mesotherapy treatment can revitalize your figure and visibly improve skin texture.

Medical cosmetics


Ab 100.- fr.

Mesotherapy, massage and pressotherapy
Perfect legs - smooth, firm and radiant

Experience the impressive results of our special treatment combination for legs and saddlebags. Our anti-cellulite mesotherapy without needles aims to specifically treat fat deposits and tighten the skin by using natural and vegan active ingredients.

In addition, we combine this technique with a targeted massage program that helps to break down and drain the fat knots released by mesotherapy. To further improve lymphatic flow and maximize results, we incorporate presotherapy into our treatment plan. This method promotes blood circulation and lymphatic flow, supports detoxification and reduces swelling.

This targeted combination of mesotherapy, massage and presotherapy offers exceptional results and helps you achieve smoother, firmer and more radiant skin. Discover how these synergistic treatments can transform your legs and saddlebags and enjoy a new feeling of lightness and confidence.

Legs and ass holster


160.- fr.

Anti-cellulite body wrap
Enhanced by synergistic care

Enhance the results of your anti-cellulite treatments with our specialized body wrap. Designed to complement and enhance other procedures, this advanced technique uses natural and active ingredients that penetrate deep into the skin, improve circulation and break down fat deposits.

The anti-cellulite body wrap is ideal for combining with treatments such as mesotherapy, anti-cellulite massage and pressotherapy. Integrated into a comprehensive care program, it maximizes the effectiveness of each session, accelerates detoxification and improves skin texture.

For optimal results, we recommend a personalized treatment plan that includes regular sessions of body wraps along with other anti-cellulite therapies. This synergistic combination not only fights cellulite more effectively, but also helps you achieve firmer, smoother and more radiant skin.

Discover how our anti-cellulite body wrap can transform your skin and maximize the benefits of your beauty regimen.

Vegan cosmetics


50.- fr.

Personal advice
Tailor-made care for optimal results

Schedule an appointment for a personal consultation and customized treatment program. We will perform a thorough analysis of your skin and body to determine the best techniques and products for your specific needs.

During your appointment, we will develop together a tailor-made plan that combines various proven methods such as mesotherapy, anti-cellulite massages, pressotherapy and body wraps. Our goal is to achieve the best results and visibly tighten and smooth your skin.

Benefit from an individually tailored treatment that is tailored precisely to your needs and goals. Book your personal consultation now and start your journey to smoother, firmer skin without cellulite.

Personalized treatment



Who is it for

The treatments are aimed at people who suffer from fluid retention, cellulite and/or orange peel skin. We offer specialized solutions that specifically address these problems


We only use vegan products from medical cosmetics, which are known for their high effectiveness and skin compatibility, and we rely on non-invasive manual therapies


It is recommended to exercise regularly and follow a healthy diet. It is also important to hydrate properly after each session to enhance the positive effects

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